Bonjour, Paris! Global Integrity at the OGP Global Summit

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By Alan Hudson, Executive Director, Global Integrity, December 6, 2016

At the upcoming OGP Global Summit in Paris, on December 7-9, open government champions from across the world will come together to reflect on the progress OGP has made, to consider the challenges the open government movement faces, and to strategize about the evolution of OGP towards OGP 2.0. All this will be informed by a Mid-Term Review and a Strategic Refresh process that has been taking place over the last past six months (See here for the state of play with those reflections).

We’ve taken an active role during OGP’s recent reflections, building on the five country case studies of how OGP is playing out in practice we completed earlier this year. Specifically, we’ve been making the case that by baking into its processes a problem-focused, data-driven, politically-savvy, and structured approach to learning by doing, OGP can – by supporting open government champions as they navigate and shape the politics of governance reform – help close the gap between commitments and implementation. At the Summit, we’ll be taking forward these conversations in a number of ways.

On Tuesday, December 6, we’ll participate in Academic Days at the Sorbonne in two sessions

Then, on the morning of Thursday, December 8, we will participate in two sessions:

Beyond these sessions, we’re excited to take part in lots of other Summit activities and to (re)connect with friends old and new. We’re looking forward to listening, to learning, and to being part of the conversations that will shape the evolution of OGP. Feel free to reach out to Alan, Michael and Nada if you want to chat. See you in Paris!

Alan Hudson
Executive Director

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