Open and Adaptive: July reads

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Over the last five to six years I’ve collated a stash of approximately 1,600 articles relating to issues around adaptive development and open government. While this full list is stored in Evernote and can be searched by keyword and tags, I wanted to take a moment each month to highlight the articles that I found particularly useful and interesting in relation to Global Integrity’s strategy and its implementation – see here for a two page summary.

July Top Reads

See this document for a rolling list of my favorite reads in chronological order. If you’d like access to my full Evernote Notebook, drop me a line! I’ve grouped all articles within broader themes and categories such as:

  • Systems
  • Philanthropy
  • Open Data
  • Learning
  • Fiscal Governance
  • AdaptDev
  • Corruption
Alan Hudson
Executive Director

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