New Light on an Old Crime: Global Integrity Reporter Recognized

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Earlier this month, Global Integrity Reporter Nacho Gomez was recognized by the García-Márquez Foundation, a highly-respected Latin American journalism foundation. Nacho earned an award for his contribution to Colombian television station Uno Noticias‘ investigative report “An Almost Perfect Crime.” For the piece, he and his colleagues reevaluated the facts of a well-known political assassination, revealing the true story of the death.

In Nacho’s own words: “a magistrate that was reported as having died in the cross-fire in the guerrilla attack to Justice Palace in Bogotá in 1985, really survived and got out alive, but was then killed, burned and put in the Palace ashes, according to the old images re-analyzed by the team of Noticias.” You can watch this politically-charged piece here.

As part of the celebration, Nacho spoke to aspiring investigative journalists at Universidad Automa De Nuevo Leon in Mexico. Read one student’s write-up of the event here.

Congratulations, Nacho!

— Norah Mallaney and Global Integrity

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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