Foglamp Research Corp Celebrates its 2nd Anniversary!

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By Global Integrity — September 2, 2015.

Just over two years ago, Global Integrity spun off its for profit service arm called Foglamp. Foglamp was developed in 2008 to offer the private sector access to in-country research through a global network of contributors.  Initial work included projects for hedge funds, private equity shops and others in the investor community.  Utilizing Global Integrity’s extensive network of qualified contributors including journalists, attorneys, and researchers in the countries that Global Integrity has worked, Foglamp was able to dig for information and insights not previously accessible to most clients interested in foreign markets.

During the 5 years that Foglamp was part of Global Integrity, the service continued to expand and morph to accommodate not only investors, but also the business and due diligence needs of management consultants and other advisors. The decision was made to spin it off into its own company in July 2013. Kate Horn, initially brought in to run business development and sales for Foglamp is now the President and Owner of the company now known as Foglamp Research Corp.

For the past 2 years Kate’s efforts have focused on developing a strategy for the new company as it moves forward.  Foglamp remains focused on working with consultants and advisors to provide comprehensive business intelligence and insights to help clients better understand opportunities and risks in emerging and frontier markets

​Whether due diligence, local market intelligence, surveys or site visits, Foglamp’s on-demand research provides the deeper understanding necessary to reduce risk and make more profitable decisions.

With a current network of more than 1300 journalists, researchers and attorneys in over 150 countries, Foglamp can be in places that others cannot. That means information, insight and contextual understanding not found through typical networks but only through physically present, native language speakers with investigative skill sets who can perform due diligence and gather information in and about foreign markets to help keep clients ahead of their competition.

Visit the Foglamp Research website here.

If you are interested in being part of the Foglamp Contributor Network, please click here to join.

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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