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Cashin Yiu
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December 18, 2018

Cashin Yiu, Finance and Operations Associate

With a challenging and successful year drawing to a close, and planning for 2019 nearly done, we’re delighted to announce two new board members, and a new Managing Director for Finance and Operations. We’re very happy to have Sarah Rose and Erin Sines joining our board, and Karen Johnsen joining us as Managing Director for Finance and Operations at our base at the Open Gov Hub in Washington DC. Last but not least, we are pleased to welcome Professor Paul Heywood, joining us as the Programme Director for the Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence Programme (UK funding –> UK spelling!).

Paul is Sir Francis Hill Professor of European Politics and has a distinguished track record in thinking through how the field of anti-corruption advocates might do a better job of engaging with anti-corruption questions more effectively and on the basis of better evidence. Paul is seconded from the University of Nottingham and will spend 50% of his time working with Global Integrity. Here’s a recent piece from Paul about the need for new approaches to tackling corruption.

Karen joins Global Integrity from the Aspen Art Museum in Colorado where she was Chief Financial Officer. Karen brings significant experience in financial management and reporting, budgeting, human resources, and administration. Karen has hit the ground running since starting with us three weeks ago, and we’re excited about the role she’s going to play in making sure that we have the resources we need to make the impact that we want, and that we use those resources as well as we can!

Sarah, currently a Policy Fellow at the Center for Global Development, brings to Global Integrity her incisive analysis and expertise on the transparency, accountability and effectiveness of foreign aid, as well as on effective governance. Sarah previously worked with the Millennium Challenge Corporation. Here are some data-focused thoughts from Sarah, and our friends at AidData, about USAID’s new focus on countries’ journeys to self-reliance.

Erin comes to the Global Integrity board with almost 10 years experience at the John D. and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation where her portfolio focuses on governance and health outcomes, globally, and with an additional focus on Nigeria, India and Mexico. Here’s Erin, and her colleague Kole Shettima’s take on the corruption challenges in Nigeria and how they might be addressed.

We are thrilled to have Sarah and Erin join our board, not just because of their expertise on governance, transparency and accountability, but also because of their experience in helping organizations to function more effectively. We are excited at the prospect of Sarah and Erin helping to ensure that our Board continues to be able to provide the Global Integrity team with the oversight, guidance and feedback that we need to improve our performance and maximize our impact!

Cashin Yiu
Cashin Yiu
Finance & Operations Associate

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