Welcoming Andrew Haupt, our Managing Director of Finance and Operations

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This August we welcomed Andrew Haupt as Global Integrity’s new Managing Director of Finance and Operations. As we grow our organization and diversify our portfolio away from core funding, we know that further strengthening our processes for financial management will help us continue to build forward. 

Andrew comes to the team with several decades of experience (though he retains a youthful spirit 🙂 that includes work in international organizations such as the Rapid Results Institute, a current member of the Open Gov Hub, and Reboot Design. He also has experience with building partnerships and participatory processes, through his work on tough domestic issues including affordable housing development in New York City and Los Angeles; participatory design processes to build quality parks and open space in Oakland; and civic leadership education in Pittsburgh. Andrew’s experience with managing finance and operations at various non-profits has led him to be versatile in making the connections between finance & operations and programs & learning easily. He believes in focusing on both systems and culture; processes and people. 

“I had come to know many of the people and players in Global Integrity’s orbit and am honored to be a part of it. I am convinced of the critical importance of working in partnership with those around the world who aspire to accountable governments and institutions that have a profound impact on the use of public resources. I am excited to be able to pursue this in concert with an outstanding team of colleagues and partners and am inspired to build that future with them.” 

Andrew’s current priorities include an overhaul of some of the existing operations infrastructure and systems to enable Global Integrity to be nimble in an environment of constant and accelerating change; a re-think of how GI organizes its operations team to support our teams and partners, while keeping an eye on the bottom line; and better integrating finance and operational processes to support greater ownership for the entire team in the work of the organization. Financial ownership is key to supporting our partners more effectively, and ensuring a strong operation going forward. Finance and Ops are the backbone of every organization, especially as we move forward with our new Open Gov Hub space, and some of our funders’ investment strategies are changing.. 

We are a people-first organization, but we also understand smooth processes make those people’s lives easier, which can only help us spend more time on what counts: supporting the effective use of public resources to deliver public services, by working with partners around the world as they address the challenges they face.

Ambika Samarthya-Howard
Communications Lead

Ambika Samarthya-Howard is the Communications Lead at Global Integrity. She has produced content for Current TV, UNICEF, Havas, Praekelt.org, UNICEF, UNFPA, and Save the Children and trained for BBC Media Action, Columbia University, and the New York Film Academy.

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