Media Self-Regulation in Central Asia

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Journalists in the Kyrgyz Republic have created Central Asia’s first independent media self-regulatory body. The Media Complaints Commission will address breaches in journalistic ethics.

This is clearly a step in the right direction, towards a truly independent press corps in the region. An OSCE OSCE Press Release reports:

The new body, called the Media Complaints Commission, will handle complaints about alleged breaches of the code of ethics by any media outlet in the country. Composed of nine board members representing the media and the civil society, the body was set up to provide an alternative to court procedures and give moral redress in case of non-respect for ethics guidelines.

“I hope this initiative will encourage media professionals in other countries of Central Asia to create similar accountability systems,” [OSCE representative] Haraszti said, adding: “The governments of the region can assist similar developments only by exercising self-restraint in regulating the press. Responsibility can develop only in freedom.”

Global Integrity’s reporting on media in Kyrgyzstan shows they have plenty of work to do.

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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