View from the Street: Kampala

Global Integrity

Primary school in a poor neighborhood in Kampala, Uganda.

Images: Dave Blume (CC by/nc/sa)

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

4 comments on “View from the Street: Kampala

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  • mina ogbanga says:

    The picture on ‘views from the street’ is the sorry state in which we more often than not have our educational systems in africa in.Understandably,while many governmnets have realised the need to enhance education and fastrack on applying best practices to leveraging their various educational systems yet there remains so much more to be done.The world is gradually realising the need for transparency and accountability and are building slowly a mindset that sets the corrupted clamouring for safety when it is discovered that leaders are not delivering on budgeted promises.Corrupt leaders would someday wake up and see themselves all fallen,alone and lonely as the top of the ladder would only be found people who understand that change protects even their own tomorrow.Mina Ogbanga


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