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Global Integrity is giving away $1000 in cash prizes to bloggers, designers and analysts who use our data. What do Global Integrity data say about an issue, country or region you care about? What is the story buried in that raw data?

The Global Integrity Mashup Challenge is a search for original analysis of Global Integrity’s data on governance and corruption trends that use our work to shed new insights on issues and regions of interest to the public. There are thousands of stories embedded within Global Integrity’s data. Dig in and mash up our data with your knowledge to create new analysis of an issue you care about. We’re looking for any content that can be used on the Web: Blog posts, academic analysis, infographics, video, audio.

To apply, read the wiki guidelines, publish your analysis online and send us a link via this form:

If you don’t have a blog, we can host your content for you. Apply by April 16, 2010 to be eligible for our $750 and $250 cash prizes. All entries will receive an “I Heart Integrity” laptop sticker.

Why a public challenge?

Global Integrity is a worldwide network of local reporters and researchers that collaborate online (learn more here). We have scaled up quickly by keeping our overhead very lean — each year we engage roughly 100 field staff for every office staff. As a result we are very good at creating and publishing original content, but less good at analysis. We sometimes miss important stories buried in our data simply for lack of capacity. This contest is your chance to fight corruption by doing original analysis of this giant pile of raw information. And we have a sneaky suspicion that your analysis has the potential to simultaneously inform your own work– whatever the focus may be.

Ready to Mashup?

Visit the Mashup Challenge wiki for more detailed information on how to start, what types of entries we’re looking for and how we will be judging the entries (

As always, we’d love your help promoting the Global Integrity Mashup Challenge. Please visit our press room for more details. You are welcome to repost this text in any format.

Questions? visit the Mashup Challenge wiki for more details and don’t hesitate to contact Norah Mallaney at

— Norah Mallaney & Global Integrity

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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  • Online collaborating and teaching can work, If you have trust and the right tools.
    I recently tried – good app for uploading documents and working on them in real-time.
    Most file types are supported and it needs no installation. – andy


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