Collecting Data in Restrictive Environments

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By Sun-Min Kim — November 4, 2015.

Experiences on overcoming challenges in research and data collection

How do organizations collect data in challenging environments and to what end? What difference does increasing public access to information make in restrictive contexts and what have we learned?

There are countries where information is not only scarce, but where the collection and production of data itself can be risky for those undertaking such efforts. Making information available to the outside world is, however, not impossible. Different organizations have found different ways to conduct research and produce data on closed up countries – sometimes, employing an investigative journalism angle or steadily establishing a trust-based network, and at other times, vigilantly scrutinizing lengthy official releases to package and present the information in a digestible form for citizens to better track government delivering on its promises.  

Global Integrity is participating in a panel this coming November 10th that brings together  organizations who have used different avenues to overcome access to information challenges in restrictive environments. A conversation with the Committee to Protect Journalists, ASL 19, United 4 Iran and the United States Institute of Peace will provide a snapshot of different scenarios and help push reflections around the how and why, as well as what the associated risks and lessons learned are.

High-quality research and generating actionable governance data has been at the core of Global Integrity’s work since our founding. We have also fostered a network of independent researchers, academics and journalists working in diverse countries and contexts around the world. Building on these core strengths, we are now moving to implement a new strategy that more actively explores the use of data – our data and others’ data – in supporting the learning process of in-country actors as they seek more open and accountable governance.

We are excited to share some of our experience with you and hope to see you at the event! Register here.

When: Tuesday, November 10

2:00 – 3:30 PM

Where: OpenGov Hub

For the safety and identity protection of panelists, no recording or photographing will be allowed during the event.

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Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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