Launching Open Gov Stories: New Global Podcast Series!

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Nada Zohdy
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originally published on Open Gov Hub

After months of work, we are thrilled to announce the launch of Open Gov Stories: A Global Podcast Series today while we’re attending the 6th Annual Open Government Partnership Summit (in Ottawa, Canada)!

Open Gov Stories explore a simple question: Why Do You Care About Changing the World?

This new podcast goes behind the scenes to explore why social changemakers really do the work they do.

In each of over 20 episodes already available, listen to candid interviews between friends and colleagues who have devoted their lives to changing the world.

Using the renowned StoryCorps model and app, they share their personal origin stories, lessons on how to open up governments and empower citizens, and their visions for the future.

Too often, we in the open government field have relied too much on data and technical jargon to explain and convince others of the importance and urgency of our work. Now, we can add personal storytelling to the conversation.

Powerful narratives are what move people. We need more personal storytelling to continue to build the global movement for open government.

Listen below and subscribe wherever you find podcasts, then add your own story to this global collection!

Open Gov Stories is a partnership of the Open Gov Hub and Transparency & Accountability Initiative, in collaboration with StoryCorps.

This is the latest of ongoing efforts here at Open Gov Hub to tell better stories about the critical work we all do, to inspire one another and invite new people to join us and strengthen open gov efforts worldwide.

Nada Zohdy
Nada Zohdy
Director, Open Gov Hub

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