Global Integrity welcomes new colleagues to the team

Global Integrity
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We are happy to welcome two new staff members to the Global Integrity offices at the Open Gov Hub in Washington, DC: Kaaryn Keller, Communications Manager, and Brienne Kordis, Operations Associate.

Kaaryn brings to Global Integrity extensive experience in nonprofit communications, having worked on issues ranging from disability rights to promoting equity and racial justice, educational equity to combatting human trafficking. Kaaryn will apply her expertise to working with the Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence (GI-ACE) programme research teams to provide communications support, as well as to setting communications strategy across the organization. We look forward to finding more ways to strengthen our messaging and further the reach of our work.

Prior to joining our team, Brienne worked in the peace and social justice advocacy community on topics that ranged from advancing DC statehood to challenging militarism and war across the globe. She recently graduated with a masters in Peace and Conflict Resolution from American University with a focus on peace education. We are excited to have Brienne join our growing team and apply her organizational efficiency skills across our operations. She will help improve and manage our financial, human resources, monitoring, reporting, and communications systems. She also will provide essential support to our projects and give us the capacity needed to grow our impact.

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

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