Listening, learning, and adapting: Sharpening Global Integrity’s strategy

Global Integrity staff engaged in strategy update session

We developed our strategy, “Learning to Open Governance,” back in 2015. Since then, a lot has changed, and we’ve learned a lot. So, over the next three months we will be sharpening and refreshing our strategy, to maximize our effectiveness and impact.

Our current strategy has centered on exploring whether and how locally led, learning-centered, and adaptive approaches can help organizations to address complex governance-related challenges. Our strategy update aims to take this up a level, helping to ensure that Global Integrity is laser-focused on supporting our partners’ efforts. For us, this means being closer and more responsive to the needs of the frontline partners whose efforts we aim to support, enhancing the impact of those efforts, and strengthening the capacity of our partners and the wider ecosystem of actors to address similar problems in the future. And, to ensure, that if our efforts do not deliver on these goals, we change what we do.

Our Strategy Update process has three tracks: internal discussions; external consultations; and engagement with our awesome board, led by Ania Calderon. Each track explores issues relating to our programmatic approach; our financial sustainability; and our systems for planning, implementing, and learning. If you want to dig deeper, our State of Play document – the foundation for our Strategy Update – outlines where we are on a number of issues, and sets out some of the questions that we are grappling with.

On the internal discussions track, we had a great meeting two weeks ago, exploring whether and how we might want to refine our vision, mission and values, thematic priorities, and the services that we provide to our partners. Team meetings in October and November will build upon this foundation, digging further into issues around financial sustainability and our systems for supporting learning-centered and adaptive implementation of our strategy. This blog post kicks off the external consultation track, and our Strategy Update is the major item for our Board meeting on October 23.

We will have more to share in the coming weeks, including about other elements of the external consultation track. For now, we would be very grateful if you were able to complete our short survey (en español) (en français) with questions concerning what we should do more of, what we should do less of, and what we should do differently. Listening and learning is central to our strategy. So, we’d love to hear your thoughts about how we can be most helpful in supporting locally led efforts to address challenges around corruption and the use of public resources.

Alan Hudson
Executive Director

3 comments on “Listening, learning, and adapting: Sharpening Global Integrity’s strategy

  • Jean Pasquali says:

    I have not read enough to comment on your work, I am just starting. I like your Mission statement.
    I have examined the ways to effectively include citizens’ perspectives into government goals and performance. I have found some interesting possibilities to do so.
    When I have read a bit more about your work I may be able to contribute some ideas, if you have not already tested or used them.


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