Was the APRM process in Kenya a waste of time?

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A new paper analyzes the performance of the African Peer Review Mechanism, as experienced in Kenya.

From the NED email newsletter:

In a recent position paper on the current political crisis in Kenya, Bronwen Manby, Senior Programme Advisor with AfriMap at the Open Society Institute, discusses what can be learned from both the successes and failures of the African Peer Review Mechanism (APRM) country review report on Kenya presented during the July 2006 African Summit. The author argues that observations made at the time regarding the political climate are just as valid today as they were then. Areas of concern noted by the APRM in 2006 include the role of prominent members of the ruling party and high ranking government officials in fuelling ethnic clashes, corruption regarding land allocation, economic and social inequality, and an implementation gap between policy and action. According to the paper, a major weakness of the APRM report was an inability to formulate a concrete program of action. The author also blames failures of the APRM on a lack of subsequent monitoring mechanisms, sanctions, and, in general, political will.

Was the APRM process in Kenya a waste of time? (PDF)

Global Integrity
Global Integrity

2 comments on “Was the APRM process in Kenya a waste of time?

  • APRM processes across Africa have made little impact as far as issues of Good Governance and Democracy is concerned here in Africa. As a Kenyan i feel many leaders in the continent are not serious when it comes to entrenching democratic ideals and Good Governance in Africa. The case of Post Election violence in Kenya after the APRM review is a vivid example of this. It further rubishes the NEPAD idea as impractical since most African leaders are themselves products of impunity hence it is not in their interest to safeguard the public good.
    What happened in Kenya is a clear manifestation of lack of political goodwill in enhancing the democratic process. If the APRM process gave Kenya a clean bill of health then why did Kenyans express dissaffection with the sme leadership?
    I believe APRM is a good way of evaluating the progress of the democratic process but is it not time for us in Africa to be more sincere and not play to the gallery?
    Willis Okumu


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