Africa Integrity Indicators: Finalized Data from Round 7 & Launch of Round 8

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Catherine Easton
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by Catherine Easton, Marc-André Boisvert, Elsa Peraldi

The Africa Integrity Indicators team is pleased to announce that the 7th round of Africa Integrity Indicators has been finalized. The full dataset is available for download (in Excel format).

The Africa Integrity Indicators is an annual project—undertaken in partnership with the Mo Ibrahim Foundation—that assesses key social, economic, political, and anti-corruption mechanisms at the national level in all African countries, and feeds into the Ibrahim Index of African Governance.

Extensive feedback was received from the governments of Sierra Leone, Togo, and Côte d’Ivoire during our public comment period (April–June 2019). As a result of this collaborative process, several changes were made, as reflected in the finalized data.

We always appreciate hearing from local stakeholders in government and civil society whose comments, questions, and contributions strengthen the quality of the research. We consider and fully respond to all those who provide feedback, indicating where amendments were made based on contributions and sharing the reasoning for keeping the research in its original form when amendments are not made.

Learn more about the Africa Integrity Indicators, including how our data is unique, what was new in Round 7, preliminary findings, and more. 

Are you using the Africa Integrity Indicators data to inform your efforts?
Let us know so we can learn from you how to make the data even more useful in future rounds.

Contribute to the 8th Annual Africa Integrity Indicators

The 8th round of the Africa Integrity Indicators recently launched, and we are accepting applications for contributors. This effort requires a global team; as always, we are looking for journalists or other fast-paced researchers to join our team so that we can deliver a new round of high-quality research.

This year, we are particularly interested in contributors who can report on Algeria, Comoros, Djibouti, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Namibia, Sierra Leone, and Somalia. However, the research covers all 54 African countries, so we do encourage anyone based in Africa to apply as we are filling roles for both lead researchers and peer reviewers on a rolling basis.

We also are recruiting for an independent contractor to join the Africa Integrity Indicators team on a part-time basis in our DC office as a research manager.

Catherine Easton
Catherine Easton
Research Manager, Africa Integrity Indicators

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