India’s federal procurement data infrastructure

Originally published on GI-ACE by Isabelle Adam  In a previous blog, we explored some common problems data scientists encounter when collecting and analyzing data. In the accompanying Red Flags Explainer, we drew on our experience of building and analysing datasets of government procurement over the past ten years to answer some Frequently Asked Questions about our work,…


Is positive recognition an incentive to fight corruption?

Originally published on GI-ACE by Paul Bukuluki  One reason that corruption is difficult to address is because it manifests differently depending on social expectations in different economic, political, administrative, social, and cultural contexts. In Uganda, corruption remains widespread and represents a major obstacle to the country’s development. Robust anti-corruption legislation and institutions have been put…

black business woman writing on sticky notes with another man and woman looking on

Learning into the future: Global Integrity’s experience with TAP Learning Collaborative cluster partners

Since its launch two years ago, the TAP Learning Collaborative’s aim was to improve collective learning about how civil society organizations (CSOs) can more effectively pursue and achieve goals related to transparency, accountability, and participation (TAP).  Along with Twaweza East Africa, Centro de estudios para la equidad y gobernanza en los sistemas de salud (CEGSS),…


Informal practices and informal (governing) networks

Originally published on GI-ACE by Scott Newton  The Central Asia prong of our research has been examining the interplay and dynamics between informal governing networks and the formal legal–institutional system—the rules and procedures (and the way they operate) that formally structure and organise everything from government and the bureaucracy (including the justice sector and judiciary) to companies…

Smriti Lakhey

Global Integrity welcomes Smriti Lakhey to the team

We are happy to welcome our newest team member, Smriti Lakhey, to Global Integrity. As Global Integrity’s new Director of Operations & Programs, Smriti provides organizational leadership and supports design and implementation of projects through technical support to staff and partners.  Smriti comes to Global Integrity with more than a decade of experience in design…


Barriers for small-scale traders in Kenya: Exploring women’s challenges on International Women’s Day

Originally published on GI-ACE by Melissa Trimble, Alissa Krueger, Veronica Akaezuwa, and Shruti Manian International Women’s Day on March 8 allows us the opportunity to reflect on the status of women’s rights across the globe. As a research team from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs that is part of the Global Integrity…