members of Central African Coalition Against Kleptocracy engaged in discussion

Central African Coalition Against Kleptocracy takes different approach to tackling kleptocracy

Fighting kleptocrats at the international level is not enough Related Blog Beating kleptocrats at their own game: Learning how to tackle kleptocracy more effectively The complexity of kleptocracy (in which those governing seek status and personal gain at the expense of the governed) has implications for the approaches taken to address this particular corruption problem.…


Pairing field experimental and ethnographic methods to study anti-corruption

Originally Published on GI-ACE Different methods for studying anti-corruption and other governance priorities have different strengths and weaknesses. The promise of using multiple methods is that in combination they are likely to be more effective at producing insights about successful anti-corruption and governance strategies, particularly when context matters. The major strength of randomized field experiments…


A new map of financial transparency reform: 2000-2015

Originally published on GI-ACE On September 26, our GI-ACE project ran its first workshop, “Dark Architectures: Advancing Research on Global Wealth Chains.” Jointly hosted by the Centre for the Study of Corruption and the Tax Justice Network, this workshop brought together members of four different GI-ACE research teams and a number of other experts in the areas of anti-corruption and…

Red flags in banker boxes

Why is collecting and analysing data about public procurement so damned difficult? Data scientists explain some common problems

originally published on GI ACE Open data is often lauded as a magic pill for anti-corruption: reveal what’s going on, inform the public, and, presto, government will become more accountable. Oh, and big data just means bigger gains, right? Not quite. We have written elsewhere about the institutional and political challenges that can hinder the transparency –>…

Effective States diagram of politics of development

Rethinking the politics of development: New evidence to inform our evolution

At Global Integrity, our work is focused on supporting efforts to address governance-related challenges, including challenges around corruption and the mis-use of public resources, in countries and communities around the world.  Our approach to doing this is based on three things:  Our understanding that addressing complex governance-related challenges, involves navigating and shaping the politics, power…