An Aggravated Struggle: Kleptocracy and COVID-19

Can humane stories help fight kleptocrats in power in Central Africa? Absolutely, is what the Central African Coalition Against Kleptocracy would say.  The Coalition, which includes activists from Cameroon, Chad, Congo and Equatorial Guinea, believes that sharing stories on how citizens are affected by kleptocrats is an important step in raising awareness, and eventually fighting…

Raquel and Ambia

A Time to Prioritize and Commit: Introducing Our New Leads for Listening and Learning, and Communications

Over the summer, we hired two new superstars, Raquel Rubio as our Director for Listening and Learning, and Ambika Samarthya-Howard as our Head of Communications, based out of Colorado and New York respectively. Raquel and Ambika co-wrote this blog [Alan added the superstars bit] to share their initial thoughts about the organization, and how they…


Marking milestones in understanding the presence of corruption and the role of integrity among South African and Zambian urban planning professionals

One year further into its GI ACE-supported research concerning the role of integrity and corruption within the planning profession in Zambia and South Africa, the African Centre for Cities’ “Cities of Integrity” (COI) research team has hit new milestones and made progress in achieving its research objectives. Since publishing its first working paper, covered in…