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Advancing open fiscal governance at the local level

Open government champions in Mexico face significant challenges at the federal and state levels. The federal open government partnership process stalled after the espionage carried out by the previous administration and only recently got back on track. At the same time, open government processes in many states have stalled (see short summary of recent subnational…

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How effective are beneficial ownership checks?

New project investigates laundering of monies and reputations by professional enablers for African and Central Asian elites This is the first in a series of blogs authored by researchers supported by the Global Integrity Anti-Corruption Evidence (GI-ACE) programme. The overarching objective of the GI-ACE programme is to support world-class multidisciplinary research to inform the development…

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How to Reduce Corruption: Reflections, including from the Paris Integrity Forum

How do we – organizations and individuals working to strengthen transparency, accountability, and participation – more effectively fight corruption? For many of us, this is perhaps the perennial question. In recent decades, we’ve seen that there are many different ways of doing ‘something’ about corruption, with anti-corruption practitioners and social movements trying a diverse set…


Information, accountability & impact: Luminate’s new Financial Transparency strategy

It’s been great to see a number of the members of the Transparency and Accountability Initiative publish updated strategies over the last couple of years, with these strategies helping to shape the evolution of the transparency and accountability agenda. We’ve been happy to provide feedback on DFID’s “Open Aid, Open Societies” strategy (here), on the…